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IGCSE Biology Paper 2

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    Anyone know what practicals are likely to come up on Friday's Biology Paper 2? I'm doing the IGCSE.


    Im also doing it. Here is list of things likely to come up in a Paper 2 exam, taken from my CGP iGCSE revision guide:

    * how pH affects enzymes
    * turgidity in plant cells
    * balanced diet, energy requirements
    * experiment to calculate energy content from food (calorimetry)
    * phloem and xylem
    * experiment investigating CO2 production using an indicator (hydrogen carbonate solution) and how you can use the result to show differences in net gas exchange in plants
    * how heat produced from respiration can be measured (germinating peas experiment)
    * how net exchange of gases in and out of a leaf depends on light intensity
    * function of platelets in blood clotting
    * how vaccinations protect body from further infection
    * the iris reflex
    * how the lens focuses on near and distant objects
    * short sightedness and longsightedness and how to correct this using contact lens
    * the skins role in maintaining constant body temperature
    * germination of seeds
    * role of placenta and amniotic fluid
    * codominance - where both alleles are equally dominant
    * the water cycle
    * the nitrogen cycle
    * eutrophication
    * bacteria's role in making beer and yoghurt
    * industrial fermenters
    * transgenic - organism containing alleles from another species
    * cloning advantages and disadvantages

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