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Let's talk movies before i explode

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    My top 10 movies that hasn't been seen by everyone:

    1. Nightcrawler
    2. Limitless
    3. The Butterfly Effect
    4. Donnie Darko
    5. American Psycho
    6. End of Watch
    7. Shutter Island (a lot of people have seen this, but I have to put it in)
    8. Lone Survivor
    9. Fury
    10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (another popular one, sorry :P)

    I LUV kung fu pandaaa

    (Original post by powerpuffshol)
    (I'm having a bad OCD day and need distraction sooooo...)

    What film would you most recommend and why?
    Name some films which made you cry.
    Your favourite film.
    A film you hate.
    Whatever you like. Let's talk film.

    My OCD goes from mild and manageable to serve and incapacitating in cycles. Every time I go through a mild phrase (maybe two-three weeks) I CONVINCE myself that everything is okay now, pile activities and commitments onto my metaphorical plate, and then it comes back around and slaps me in the face with its friggen balls. Every. Single. Time. I guess that means I'm a positive, glass-half-full kind of person, but it ends in OHMYGODICANTCOPEICANTCOPEIMGOING TORUNAWAYANDDOEVERYTHINGOCDWANTS ANDJUSTGIVEUPBECAUSEIMNEVERGOING TOBEABLETODEALWITHITTHISTIME

    and then a week later I'm in control again.

    I landed a new jump at skating. I only have two exams left. WE ARE GOING TO TALK MOVIES MY LITTLE READER-> OKAY?
    Yes. That is okay.
    aw as your little reader i would like to give you the warmest of hugs because you shall be okay and you are doing so well

    A film that made me cry was Grave of the fireflies. Too many feels i tell you.

    I have too many favourites!! whyyy but 2 recent favourites is the little prince (i was in complete awe of the soundtrack and animation the entire time) and He's just not into you which I had unbelievably managed to avoid watching until i'm 16 *gasp*

    No hated film is coming to mind rn hmm

    AND I would absolutely recommend everyone watches The Little Prince, which I have mentioned, because it is actual art. the soundtrack. the animation. the emotional rollercoaster it puts you through. gah. a must watch.

    (On a side note: i have been promoting this film to no end, i'm pretty sure anyone that encounters me on a daily basis must be sick of it )

    I would defo recommend Django, such a good film can't believe I hadn't watched it until last week.
    Films that have made me cry, watched 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' yesterday and was crying for literally an hour. Also the Book Thief made me cry. Fave film- Breakfast Club. Films I hate? Hmm anything like High school musical tho I don't like to admit I've actually watched those 😂 they're so awful.

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Updated: June 6, 2016
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