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Getting into my girlfriends university

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    Early days in our relationship, about 3 months?

    Its a bit of a LDR, not massively long but not exactly a stones throw away. I'm really worried that if I dont get into the same uni as her, things wont work out. We both look forward to being in the same uni together, both say how nice it will be to be so close and be able to go out together and enjoy little things together like going shopping, grabbing lunch e.t.c

    The thing is.. I've brought all this worry on myself. My exam is on Wednesday and I've done **** all to prepare for it. I've got two days left to revise, I know I've ****ed up by not revising. I just wanted everyones opinion on this.

    One side of me is saying it will still be ok if I dont get in, we've managed 3 months of being in a LDR and her previous relationship lasted over a year under the same conditions. Then the other side of me is thinking it wont work, she'll want to see someone more regularly than me and things will just go downhill.


    Get off TSR and revise! There's always hope.
    If not, then I'm pretty sure it's not the end of the road from what you've said. LDR can work out as long as you both put the effort in. I'm sure she won't call it off for something youre willing to make work. But if you're so concerned maybe talk to her about it

    How did you meet

    I think you should focus in yourself and your goals. Don't set your academic goals based on what you want out of your current relationship.

    Don't get me wrong but if in the future you both go to the same university and things don't work out, then you'll regret making the decision to go to the same university as her.

    Just go with the flow. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Whatever the outcome may be it will be for the best. Do what you want for yourself, put your relationship aside when thinking about your education.

    Hope this helps.

    I agree with undercxver, particularly the second paragraph.

    Hopefully your relationship is solid and continues to develop, but when making a decision such as what university you go to; basing it on where your girlfriend goes is really putting your eggs in one basket.

    You absolutely have to consider the implications of the relationship turning sour, even if you deem it unlikely. Think about how your relationship will affect yours and her university experience if a break up were to happen (living arrangements, friendships, etc)

    getting into her "uni", riiiight
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    Thanks for the responses people. The uni that she is in was the uni I wanted to firm anyways, it was the best university in terms of ratings as well as my personal preference after visiting it. We got together after I made my choice of uni.

    In terms of the actual relationship, at the moment its not showing any signs of slowing down or becoming sour. My only worry was that me not getting in was going to ruin things and maybe put her off

    Thanks for the opinions people, much appreciated ^_^
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