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AQA GEOG3, Predictions + Unit 4b

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    Hi guys, thought id create a thread just for predictions and unit 4b of the exam, anyone got any hints of what to revise? or what is predicted to come up? Cheers

    I did Unit 4B last year and managed to get full UMS I am resitting GEO3 though this year as I want an A* overall. For 4B all I can say is literally do a tonne of research and get detailed notes as well as annotating the booklet. Also make synoptic links e.g. different parts of the spec. Finally, look at interrelationships, i.e. the connections between different concepts for top marks. Good luck

    Thank goodness someone made a thread for this - it's an irrelevant paper but we have to do it - definitely knowing the booklet inside out would be somewhere to start! I think generally this exam is supposed to be quite out there in what the ask us in the broad reach of "Fracking" BUT my teacher has specifically noted, made us sit down for and revise Fieldwork Planning. If they have referenced in the booklet that they want us to know it I would assume that there is going to be a question on conducting a questionnaire (hypothesis as well) and a set of questions: leading + non leading, with examples of mathematics to then adapt that research (Chi squared or Man Whitney U).

    Sorry if that was a bit long winded, but definitely fieldwork planning seems important. And maybe if you done Energy Issues for AS (which my school luckily chose) go back over that for the synoptical marks. Also FINALLY just knowing about the Fylde and keeping up to date with news and the regulation of Fracking (how the Government handle it) would be a good idea! I wouldn't stress because we have a week ish until the exam and it doesn't seem that bad! Good luck
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