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Does going to a good/top university matter?

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    Hey, I'm now doing my A-levels (maths, chemistry, physics) and I want to do Computer Science at Uni. I know that the most important subject for that is maths and I'm trying my best to get an A at the end, but I'm not quite sure about chemistry as I find it very difficult and I hope to pass it at least.

    So, my question is: Does going to a good university matter?

    Thanks =)


    I'll hopefully be doing Computer Science at York in September and I do Maths, Computing and Chemistry at A2 (I dropped Physics and Critical Thinking). To be honest, most universities require Maths and consider Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Further Maths to be useful, but not required. I know my subject choices helped with my application, but they take a lot of things into account. A good thing to consider for a Computer Science degree is gaining some programming experience, whether it be through an internship or an online course. One good thing about doing Computing at A-level is that it forces that programming experience, but it's certainly not necessary. In regards to Chemistry, it's regarded highly as a science, but your Physics would probably take precedence as a useful subject. For example, if you had an AAB/ABB offer, you could probably afford to have the B be in Chemistry and/or Chemistry and Physics.

    I'm struggling in Chemistry too, but I've worked really hard to get myself to at least a B standard. If you're struggling try and get help, watch YouTube videos, get peer help, do past papers... just try your best! At the end of the day, people do get in to places with ABC, but you can't rely on luck. Good luck with your results though, I feel your pain.

    In short, you have decent subjects for Computer Science. Make sure you do your best and do well in Maths and doing a bit of programming as a hobby helps! Oh and I forgot to answer your question haha! Yes, going to a 'good' university matters in the sense that it has to be good for you. Make sure you go to visit days and get a feel for the campus and the town, not just the course (although that's important too) and don't just rely on league table ratings. They're a good starting point, but there's no point applying to a top 10 university if you hate the course content. Many teachers often make the point that a first at a lower league university is sometimes better than a third in a top ten university, but, at the end of the day, you'll be getting a degree and you have to find a balance of a respectable university, a university you love and a course you love.

    Hope this helped!

    Yes, going to a good university matters.

    Firstly, the education you receive it typically better at better institutions. Granted, there is likely relatively little difference in the top 5-10 for a given subject, and these will vary year on year, however there is a big gap between the top and the bottom. I had a friend who studied physics when two universities were merging and one class covered in the first 6 months what the second class covered in the WHOLE YEAR. The less able class had to do different tests for the rest of their course as they just didn't have the subject knowledge.

    Secondly, given 40-50% have a degree these days, where the degree is from is counting more and more, plus you will also find that some universities have employer links which can benefit you after graduation. People will look at degrees from places they know/rate more favourably than those they don't it's as simple as that.

    I would note though, that provided you're in a "decent" university, there isn't that much difference between them (bar Oxbridge debatably).

    Also first class honours are likely to get you attention no matter where they're from, so how well you do at your degree is obviously the most important.
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    Thank you, really appreciate
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