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Advice on purchasing a new laptop - Media Production

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    Hi guys,

    I'll be starting Media Production at BU in September 2016 and my current laptop is on its last legs and I'm looking at purchasing a new one. If you or you know someone who is doing Media Production at the moment, you'll even be an extra help.

    What kind of laptop should I look at purchasing for the course? I was contemplating just getting a Chromebook of some sort as it would be enough for essays, and I like to write short stories and such in my spare time but I know it won't be enough if I'm going to be using different software on a regular basis.
    I only play games on my PlayStation 4 or Vita, so I won't be fussed about not playing any on the laptop.

    My budget isn't big, I'd say approximately £500 at most.

    Also, if you do know someone or if you're studying it yourself, do you use the facilities much for the software or do you use your own laptop/PC?

    Much thanks in advance!

    Hey, I can't really give much advice about what life at Bournemouth is actually like but I am also going to be studying Media Production in September and I am looking to get a new laptop as well. I am considering getting a Macbook as I think the access to software would be handy so that might be something for you to definitely consider. I have all the same questions as you though so sorry if I haven't been of much help!

    You are the first person I have come across to be studying the same degree as me so I thought it would be nice to get in touch anyways

    Aye I would literally just look up best reviewed laptops 2016 or something :P

    One of my friends is studying Media Production; he's done essays, music composition, videos, created a website so that's the sort of work that you'll be doing in your first year.

    Ah ok that's sounds like such a mixture of things! I'm not so sure about creating music but the rest of it sounds great ☺️

    Check the course modules to see what kind of stuff you'll be doing. If you think you'll be doing anything particularly graphically intensive, then you'll need a basic discrete GPU, for which you may have to go over budget. (decent laptops with low-end discrete GPUs range between £530-700)

    However, that's assuming that you go for a brand new laptop. If you go used(e.g. on ebay), you can get a pretty good laptop with a discrete GPU for much less. I got this one for £419 a couple years ago and it was worth about £600-700 new. It's not very good compared to recent laptops now though xD)
    You need to be careful with used or refurbished laptops though, as many of them don't come with any kind of warranty. This one actually still had 2 years left on it's warranty when I got it, and the original owner transferred the warranty over to me. Some companies don't even allow that though.

    - Not a media student, but an IT student who knows stuff about laptops :P
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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