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Would it be impossible to get into Kings college with these GCSEs?

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    (Original post by madmadmax321)
    definitely, you need to understand that the application is looked at as a whole, so if you do worse in 1 area (gcses) but excel in others (ib) then that can make up for the weaker areas, assuming you have met their minimum gcse requirements listed on their website
    Thanks so much, they require 35 points, but, I think I can exceed that with relevant subjects to Law.

    (Original post by madmadmax321)
    yep but I know a few of my friends that had poor gcses that got offers from kings, for most subjects gcses dont matter, didnt use alevels as entry but got the equivalent of A*AA, didnt take up the offer (though I met the grades) due to it wasnt worth the extra loans to live in london for me

    Note that physics isnt the most competitive subject hence why I got an offer, very few unis care about GCSEs really (for most subjects of course not all)
    Ah, I see. But congrats though, that's awesome still totally inspiring as schools at times try discouraging students by limiting them to what they themselves believe a student could achieve. A student having all C grades at GCSE is predicted to just scrap C grades at AS level maximum at my sixth form though in previous years many received AAAA. Are you by any chance an international student? My good friend has IGCSEs, I wonder if it applies the same way.

    Sorry OP, not to steal the attention away from your question but guys... if any one has an idea to whether or not I could be considered/if I should bother or not applying that would be great.
    My GCSEs weren't great at all due to my own mistakes and faults. I got 9 A-C with one D grade in geography (not sure if I should re-sit this just to make it 10 ) then I resat year 12 after being let down by a terrible sixth form college. Literally, half the year ended up repeating then the other half that continued had grades such as EEEU with only 1 student in the entire flipping year receiving AAAB in their AS levels. No kidding, if you checked our results on the national board, it proves how terrible it was. Now, I've gone to a new school with more support and I'm predicted A*A*A then I'm thinking of taking an EPQ. Hopefully with the EPQ I could get an A grade also so I'm hoping to get A*A*AA next year or A*A*A (Excluding the EPQ). I'm thinking of applying for politics and international relations. This course just breathes life into me. I love it. It's only recently though I realised such a course existed.

    Another thing, I'm super tempted to take a gap year and apply after once I've received my A level results because next year I'm certain will be quite rocky due to the reforms. My school said it's fine and told me, they'll even help me even once I've left for the gap year. I've been told as I'm repeating, it wouldn't make sense to lose another year but me repeating the year wasn't optional.
    I have so much I'd like to do before going to university, aiming to have work experience in different businesses as I'm also interested in the music business/industry. So overall, considering all of this, could I have a chance? I mean I'd be 20 if I decide to take the gap year, about to be 21.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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