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Does social class have an impact on your social life at LSE?

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    Hey all,

    I may be attending LSE this year after all, and one thing that I was thinking about was how much your spare cash/social class, or whatever, affects your ability to enjoy yourself socially?

    I come from a fairly working class background, and won't really have much money extra after accommodation and what not. I know that the high proportion of internationals and privately educated may mean this isn't something that's very universal.

    I was thinking that since London is a place that relies on going out to clubs for it's social scene, maybe more so than other campus universities, is it tough to keep up with richer students if you're from a poorer background?

    On the open day, I met some people spending over 20k on accomodation alone, which just seems like an absurd amount of money.

    I understand that its not unusual at LSE for cliques to be formed by race, but is 'social class' ever an issue?

    Thanks for any help

    Hi. Nights out are 3 pounds if you get the early birds. Pre drinks are done by almost everyone for economical reasons. The average expenditure for a night out shouldn't exceed 15 pounds even if you factor in all the booze and transport.

    I currently live in a hall costing just under 8k and most if not all students here can manage the above scenario. If that is expensive for you then... Yes it will be difficult.

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    I imagine the cheaper halls are going to have people that are on relatively similar budgets. Yes, LSE is full of rich internationals but they also have a big widening participation ethos which means that those on the lower end of the spectrum are (relatively) overrepresented at LSE compared to other universities. I wouldn't worry
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