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Maths Studies or Maths SL

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    Hi guys, was wondering if I should take Maths Studies or Maths SL. I am quite terrible at maths, and think I'd get a 5 tops in IB SL Maths. I'm also not planning on studying any maths/science degrees in University, so I definitely won't be needing Maths in general as a requirement for Uni.

    However, I'm thinking of applying to RG universities, and I've heard that many regard Maths Studies as a "soft" subject, and so will make your application look less outstanding. I was wondering if this was true, and if so, would it be a better choice to get a lower grade in Maths SL or a higher grade in Maths Studies?


    Maths Studies is definitely not considered a "soft" subject, it's much more beneficial to get a high grade in studies (a 7 is very achievable) than a lower grade at SL. If you don't need Maths as part of your degree there's no point in struggling through SL.
    I applied for History at RG universities and took Studies and I have never come across a course asking for SL over studies, the same goes for courses like english and politics. It does depend on what "non-maths" degree you're planning on studying so I'd check out entry requirements now to ensure you aren't disappointed later. However, most of the time they will specify some grades they want at higher level and an overall grade without mentioning what the overall should be made up of and a higher studies grade will make getting to the top unis much more achievable.
    Hope that's helpful, you can DM me if you have any more questions.

    There are students who have gone to oxbridge in my school who did maths studies, it is unlikely to hinder you.

    I did the IB and completed Maths Studies. I got accepted into all the Russell Group universities I applied for, and just achieved a 1st at University. From my experience universities are wanting good grades in the subjects relevant to the course your applying for and a good overall grade. My advice would be if you don't need Maths for the degree you're after than I wouldn't waste your time struggling through Maths SL when you could get a 6/7 in Maths Studies.

    Do Maths Studies.

    Frankly no University probably even knows the difference between Studies and Methods SL unless you are applying for Maths or Physics or something.

    I fell into this trap and tortured myself through an inadequate 2 years of failing miserably at SL Maths! When I should have been calculating the perimeter of a rectangle... genuinely saw that on one of my friend's Maths Studies past papers and wept :P It's a no-brainer, especially as you don't want to do Maths or Sciences.

    Go for maths studies, I did it and got a 7 with very little work- the hardest thing for me was trying to use the damn calculator! Seaholme- I genuinely had to calculate the diameter of a circle, something I have known how to do since year 9. I have been accepted into Newcastle to study modern languages with Maths studies, another one of my friends (who got 45!!) did maths studies and was accepted into Cambridge to study English. There were only 1 person in my year who took maths sl and that was only because she needs it to study architecture at a German university. The majority of my cohort applied (and got into) RG uni's with maths studies, even to study things like medicine and pharmacology.
    I hope this helps,
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