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Want to be a teacher but intimidated

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    (Original post by offhegoes)
    At GCSE-equivalent level in Scotland? Do you have a source for this? As far as I understand anyone without degree-level credits in a subject can't be timetabled for such a class beyond short-term cover. I can imagine England is much more relaxed on this, given TA's can cover classes there and so on.

    A PGCE teaches someone to teach based on them already having sufficient knowledge in that subject area.
    Again, for sciences you typically take the course "with science" where you will learn to teach all three sciences up to National 5/GCSE and to teach your specialist subject up to A level/Advanced Higher. So they are qualified and should have sufficient knowledge.

    I fully agree someone with a non-sciences background teaching science isn't something to recommend, but it happens where there are serious shortages. (Incidentally I wouldn't recommend a science teacher teaching, say, art either).

    I can't find any easy source with a google, by my wife is a science teacher and is required to teach the other two sciences up to national 5 level (if necessary, in reality they have a shortage of her science so it rarely happens). Likewise it was clearly stated to me in my PGDE interview that I would be required to teach the other two subjects up to national 5 level and that my studies would include lessons in the other two sciences/how to teach them.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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