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EU to boost Africa aid to stem influx

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    The European Commission aims to boost partnerships with nine countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Jordan, Libya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

    EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said project funding could eventually reach €62 billion ($70 billion). Controversially it may include security help for Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan.



    First Turkey and its increasingly Islamist President Erdogan, now these countries...

    Why is the EU solution to mass migration not to enforce their borders, but to pay other countries to enforce their borders?

    I bet the eurocrats are really pleased by their methods - just throw some money at poor countries, and Europe can keep its hands clean from bad press from drowning migrants and the problems from migration - but given how poorly we treat one of our own countries (Greece), how come we are suddenly hemorrhaging money.?

    If we felt rich enough to boost aid, then we should do so, not to pay countries to do our dirty work because we are too weak to do it ourselves, but, you know, with the intention of helping them develop. As it is, we are simply encouraging poorer countries to take advantage of our weakness to get a big, juicy handout.

    Are you a leader of some corrupt near-dictatorship somewhere? Short of cash for your gold-plated Mercedes? Just send a boatload of migrants to Europe, and the EU Comission will hand you a few billion to do patrol your borders a little better.


    in b4 everyone in Zimbabwe threatens to migrate to Europe :lol:

    (Original post by Nidhoggr)
    in b4 everyone in Zimbabwe threatens to migrate to Europe

    It a good idea on paper. The problem is that some of these places are so corrupt that most of the money will get pissed up the wall.
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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