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When do i get my holiday pay due to my resignation from McDonalds

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    on the 25th of april i gave in my 2 weeks notice at McDonalds to resign on the 9th of may. but for some reason that seconds week i wasn't scheduled to work (i was happy about that so i just kept quiet).
    the way the cut of point for the payslip worked meant that i was owed two separate instalments. i got both of those on the dates expected.
    but the real problem is that I'm meant to get my remaining holiday pay (150 pounds) but i didn't get it with any of the pay checks. its now the 7th of june (so nearly a month since my official resignation date) and i still haven't got my holiday pay.

    when i handed in my resignation i had a conversation with my manager (mostly him trying to persuade me to stay) but at the end i asked him about the holiday pay and he said "once i process your resignation and terminate your contract, it's out of my hands and its up to some one else" so i asked who and he said he didn't know supposedly.

    has anyone else had this problem? do i need to call someone or should i just wait it out?


    UPDATE: i spoke to one of the other managers today about this and they said that they haven't got around to terminating my contract yet. so they'll do that then i'll get my holiday after that. then they told be to come-in in a few days to check if everything is going fine.
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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