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CCEA A2 ICT Paper 2016

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    How did everyone find Monday's A2 ICT exam from CCEA?

    Not too bad. I found the normalisation question easy enough. I wasn't expecting Decision Support Systems to come up as normally they ask about Expert Systems or MIS, although I knew the main points anyway. The last question was I thought was tricky as I think they'll ask for some specific key words/phrases on the mark scheme but you get 2 marks for structure so if you can get at least 4 of the points, that's 6 marks in the bag already. OSI was pure recall, and interactive video was easy enough. I didn't like the backup question for DBMS as they may well have changed the mark scheme for 'Real time' applications i.e 'Mirror image', 'separate location', 'Raid, 'master data' might not be on it. Database definitions were basically free marks if you knew them. So overall quite a nice paper in my opinion. There have been worse ones.

    I think CCEA should try to include more application of knowledge style questions in the paper as I found in order to get marks, I had to literally revise mark schemes. They should include more leeway in the possible answers.

    Most likely screwed up the normalisation, I never learned how to do it. I will hopefully get at least 4 or 5 marks in it though. The rest was piss easy, apart from primary, composite and foreign key definitions, which I didn't revise.
    Also, like the above^^ I just revised from mark schemes. Class notes were terrible. It's a weird subject theory-wise. Easy to get marks with very little understanding required, but you need a decent memory to retain the information.
    Overall, I am confident I will get an A, but not my predicted A* due to losing a couple of marks in the coursework (grade boundaries are ridiculous at A2) and the fact I probably lost several marks here and there coupled with the normalisation.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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