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Just a few questions

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    1) Good 'chest hypertrophy exercises' that work for you? just looking for inspiration really to mix things up a bit

    Currently doing bench, pause bench just above sternum (without touching), military press for low reps/high sets, then I'll do dumbell press for something like 3x10-12.

    2) Same question as above, just for abs.

    I don't do any extra ab work, only low rep high sets on compounds (deadlift, pause deadlift, squat, press etc)

    3) I'm a naturally good deadlifter, but I hurt my lower back even though I'm really form conscious. Turns out I'm not breathing and or bracing properly like I do on squats.

    How do you set up your breathing before deadlifts? Do you take a (diaphragmatic) breath, then get into the deadlift position, or do you do it when you're already in position - then just reset the brace after each rep? I've worked on my breathing/bracing for squats and they're now super comfortable in terms of form at least, but I've neglected deadlift form a bit.

    I can't quite find what's comfortable/feels right. I'm sticking with warm up weights till I get it right, and incorporated pause deads to help.

    1) Pause bench
    - Pausing above your chest loads your shoulders and increases injury in them. Rest the barbell on your chest, pause for a quick 2 count, explode. I also do a bit of incline dumbbell bench press too
    2) Ab wheel
    3) I take mine just before a go down to grab the bar. Then redo it at the bottom of every rep/ every other rep depending on the feels

    (Original post by hezzlington)
    I can't quite find what's comfortable/feels right. I'm sticking with warm up weights till I get it right, and incorporated pause deads to help.
    Keeping your back tight, i.e. maintaining the correct amount of extension, particularly in the bottom position of the deadlift, should not be comfortable.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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