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What's it like sharing a room with a stranger?

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    So here's the thing, the only room I've managed to be offered (for this coming academic year) is a shared study bed en-suite, which means I will be sharing a bedroom with a stranger (chosen by the uni).

    The thing is, I very much like my own space, and I am worried we won't get along.

    I see lots of angry people around complaining about messy room-mates, and I for one, am a messy person. I hate cleanliness, I just can't stand a tidy room, it has to feel lived in for me. If something is wiped clean it's like it's burning me in the face, and feels so sterile. I also hate the smell and taste in the air of cleaning products. -
    You might say this probably wont be a problem, but there's been several people pouncing on my space at college, organising my stuff and wiping up random splotches of paint, and I do not appreciate it in the slightest. It's bad at college, so I worry that having an OCD style clean freak room mate would be worse!

    I'm also worried about the roommate snoring. It's not really something I can smother them in their sleep for, because I snore and talk in my sleep myself. But most people snore, and I can't get to sleep with those kind of noises. I have eczema inside of my ears, so it's difficult to wear earplugs.

    I'm going to be with a stranger, which is an unsettling concept, since we may be total opposites. They might be one of those annoying third wave feminists for all I know. So, any advice for these blunders that lie ahead?

    Any advice for coping with these blunders ahead?
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Updated: June 8, 2016
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