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Nottingham Vet School with A*AB?

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    Okay so I recently sat my final A-Level Chemistry and Biology exams (I took my complete Physics last October and got a B). The exams went pretty well and I'm hoping for an A* in bio, and at least an A in chemistry (I got a B in AS, so I'm not too sure I'll manage to scrape up enough marks to get an A*, even if the papers were really good)

    I'm also currently 16 years old, I just turned 16 a few weeks ago. And I'm living in Pakistan at the moment but was born and raised in England. I should be going back this summer, too, which is when I'll start my work-experience.

    Oh and also, my O-Level graders are below:
    Physics: B
    Maths: B
    Urdu Second Language: C
    Chemistry: A* (I had to resit it once, I originally got a B)
    Biology: A*
    English Language: A*
    Pakistan Studies: A
    Islamiat: A

    Okay so I e-mailed Nottingham Uni a while back, asking them if I should take gap-years etc. and they said that as long as I had the required grades and work experience, I'd have no trouble getting in, no matter how much time I took off. I'm thinking about taking about 3 years off, to get a job, LOTS of work experience, and maybe even travel to Australia to get some work experience too! I'll also be working on a novel I'm writing up at the moment. But does anyone have any experience with taking so much time off of studying? Is it really beneficial? Should I take another A-Level subject during my time off?

    Another thing, seeing as the veterinary facilities over here are not up to the standard, I have been rescuing cats and bringing them back to health. I've currently saved 2 cats from the edge of death without the help of a vet over here (I just took a little guidance from a rescue back in England) I only have proof/pictures of one of the cats though, I forgot to take before and after pictures of the first one :/ Is this something I should add into my CV or should I leave it out?

    Another thing, do you think I should apply for Liverpool as well? I know that they want a minimum of AAA, but if I somehow manage to get A*A*B, would the A*'s make up for the B I got in physics? Does it work like that?

    Thanks for your help in advance! :-)


    Bruh, double-posting won't help to get a quicker answer.
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    Oh shoot, sorry, I wasn't aware that I double-posted :-/ My WiFi's pretty buggy, I'm certain I only posted it once?? And according to my profile thingie I'm only following this thread so I'm not sure?? Sorry though

    I applied in my gap year to liverpool with A*AB, (Biology, chemistry and english literature), and was told I would have to retake the B and get an A in order to get a place. However this was two years ago and things are changing all the time so it's always worthwhile to email them and ask

    Nottingham gave me an unconditional offer with my A*AB grades and they were my first choice anyway!

    Good luck with your application/journey, your plans sound very exciting!
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Updated: September 2, 2016
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