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What is fresher's week like?

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    First and foremost, please do not think that you have to drink. This is a common student misconception and something that worries a lot of potential students. If you aren't one of those people, then that's okay.

    Freshers Week?
    Freshers Week is a blur! It goes by so fast but usually it's when a lot of great memories are made. If you are moving into accommodation it's getting there on that first day with friends and family and moving into your new accommodation and meeting all your new flat mates and then when your family and friends have gone it's bonding with them and getting used to your new surroundings. It's preparing for some of the random, funny and crazy events that your SU have planned for Freshers Week - either dressing up for a funny costume evening or just getting ready to go out. It's getting there and meeting loads of people and just chucking yourself into the experience. It's spending a lot of money on drinking (if you drink) and then more money on takeaway after a night out. It's waking up the next day hungover (or not) and just realising that you really are at university and this is happening. The days through Freshers Week are usually spent exploring the campus or the city you are now living in or just enjoying your new accommodation and settling in with your new flat mates. It's adapting to living independtly and cooking and what not. It's going out night after night (if you want too) and just making more memories and meeting new people - all builiding up to the first day of your course! Freshers is really an opportunity to just get stuck into the university life, be socialiable and have some fun experiences! I'd suggest taking full advantage of everything that your university has to offer!

    Hope this gives you a little insight - if you have any other questions please feel free to message me!
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Updated: June 8, 2016
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