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I need to sort out my life now

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    I've posted like a million threads related to this... But still need some advice . I'm a psychology grad who is unhappy with her current job which is good but cooperate atmosphere sucks.

    I have no plan of action to take and i am stuck taking leave to avoid work.

    Someone please PM me if you can advise or listen. Thanks

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    Ive just told you what you need to do. Go and use prospects or visit the local careers service.
    Only you can decide what you want from life. Do a mind map and figure out whats important for you.
    Clearly you wnat to levae, but its best to have figured out ay least in which direction you wnat to go before you jump.


    As above, what do you want from life?

    You've realised you don't enjoy the corporate world, now what?
    Have you ruled out going back into education? Specialise in something at MA level or PGCE would enable you to teach internationally?

    The link above is good as it shows possible careers that directly use your degree, but the great thing about psychology is that it's pretty transferable to most jobs and has a lot of maths/biology in it.

    Try volunteering? https://do-it.org/ has loads of opportunities. I've worked in a prison and as a counsellor voluntary so it's not just charity shops. It' gives a real insight into the working world and sometimes they offer paying positions if they see you're willing to work for free.

    Sounds like you just need a new job to me! Stay where you are for a year or so and get another job. Find a weekend volunteering opportunity and do that to take your mind off it.

    Approach your new job professionally. Ppl move on all the time at work

    Make sure you eat and sleep and exercise

    Consider taking time out to travel etc it figure out if your unhappiness is relating to some other cause. Did you feel pushed into this career route?

    Essentially sometimes we just get the right job in the wrong company

    If the fit isn't good then leave as it won't change! Happens to everyone and is part of working life

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Updated: July 3, 2016
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