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AQA Geog spec A lets start an unofficial mark scheme

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    Population Change:

    1 a) What is exponential growth?
    increasing at an increasing rate

    b) explain the change between 2013 and 2050
    Largest increase in Asia, Africa (2.3 billion), the rest were only 0.2 billion - Oceania, Americas and Europe roughly same

    e) How is a country dealing with increasing population (8)
    China case study - one child policy, benefits like free school and longer maternity leave, fine for having more than one
    Changing Urban Environments

    Changing Rural Environments

    Section B:

    The Development Gap
    1 a) lady with the stove, I wrote about currency exchange rate, olympics, london terror attacks, global recession

    e) How will global inequality be sorted/ fixed (8)
    farm-Africa women empowerment, proposis management, community development project, sustainable forest management. EU: CAP, partial block on giving aid to Hungary till they sort out corruption



    b i) one difference between mass tourism/ecotourism
    Mass tourism is for large numbers of people/ecotourism doesn't destroy the environment. (2)
    c) UK National Park or Coastal Resort park
    d) the photo (trees and some vans)
    Little amount of trees, deforestation, vans emit CO2 - global warming, can disturb wildlife hunting patters
    e) Tropical case study (8)
    Tataquara case study
    galapagos islands
    Not sure about kenya
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