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A* in cambridge gcses

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    what is the average amount of a*s in gcses for cambridge students?

    Depends on the course. Law and Medicine is no doubt a very high percentage (i.e. 8 A*s out of 10 GCSEs), but some courses like Fine Art will obviously have lower grades.

    What the website says
    The facts at a glance
    ◾Cambridge does not require a minimum number of A* grades at GCSE.
    ◾Cambridge does not require 90 per cent in every AS/A2 unit.
    ◾Cambridge does not require an average of 90 per cent in every AS/A2 subject.
    ◾Cambridge is comfortable with applicants retaking a small number of AS/A2 units.

    We ask applicants to tell us the details of their uniform mark scheme (UMS) performance in any modular AS/A Level units taken to date on our Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ).You will only have AS marks (or the opportunity to retake) if you are studying any unreformed subjects; for these, the facts above will still apply. For linear qualifications, your teachers will provide us with information about your performance through their UCAS reference. One of the strengths of the Cambridge admissions system is its ability to assess all applicants individually and to take account of individual circumstances. If you have further queries or wish to discuss any particular circumstances, please contact the College to which you're considering applying.There is only one certainty in the Cambridge admissions process:
    ◾if you don't apply, you won't get in!
    GCSEsWith the exception of those for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (grade C or above in GCSE Double Award Science and Mathematics), there are no GCSE requirements for entry to Cambridge. Applicants have generally achieved high grades in subjects relevant to their chosen course, and most students who apply have at least four or five As or A*s at GCSE. However, there are always exceptions and one of the strengths of the Cambridge admissions system is its ability to assess all applicants individually.Our research shows that post-16 examination performance is a much better predictor of degree success at Cambridge. While GCSE results are looked at as a performance indicator, this is within the context of the school/college performance and strong performance in Years 12 and 13 can make up for a less stellar performance at GCSE.

    What they say on the site is not what happens in reality.....

    I'd say in in demand things like medicine etc you need a min 6a* to compete with others, and thats just to start to get you competing. Nevertheless I'm sure there are people who got into these courses without as high a level of GCSEs but more focus on A levels.

    I really wouldn't worry too much. Typically, I'd say around 5/6 A*s, but they likely will only look at your GCSE grades if they're stuck between two people.

    What's more important than a bunch of shining A* GCSE grades is consistency. GCSE grades aren't a very good reflector of much other than general performance and how hard you work. 6 A*s with 3 Cs and a D vs. all As and no A*s, for example.

    Honestly though GCSEs are really not that important, it's A levels they'll look at

    Some will have 20, some will have 0...

    Your whole application is looked at holistically, and any focus on GCSEs is done in context ( i.e achieving 5A*s in a poor state comp in a deprived area will be regarded the same, if not better, than 13A*s from a top private school in a posh area....)

    Either way, it's your A Level grades and performance in their new admissions tests and interview that carry more weight :yes:
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