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have you flown with easyjet?

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    For hand luggage there is a size restriction which is 56cmx45cmx25cm. I don't think they have a weight restriction on those as you won't even be able to pack God knows how many kilograms into such a tiny suitcase/bag.
    As for check in luggage it's restricted to 20kg.

    In the hand luggage you can have pretty much anything but be aware that any liquids, that includes creams, nail polish, make up, perfume etc. as they have to be a maximum of 100ml. If they are more then they will throw it away. You might want to watch out with any sharps such as tweezers, nail clippers and nail scissors as the airport staff may not allow you to travel with that.

    Other than that, you can bring food of all sorts unless it's considered liquid and then again, has to be 100ml or less, or as someone said, milk for children is allowed to be more than that. Sweets aren't an issue either. And yes, unlike what someone said, there will be food/drink service on board of the plane. I was once flying from London Luton to Dortmund which was only a 45-50 min flight and food/drink service was still available. That's on every single flight and has to be there.
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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