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How strict is your school?

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    Hi how strict is your school mines quite strict.
    We're allowed phones but not in lesson
    We're not allowed hoodies
    My uniform is
    School jumper
    School polo shirt
    School trousers
    Plain black footwear no boots heels or non black shoes

    Back in my day, the rules were:
    - If you're going to smoke, do it at the back of the field where you can't be seen.
    - If you're going to have a fight on school premises, at least make it a bloody one; it has to be worthwhile.
    - Pupils are forbidden to have sex on school grounds, unless it is with a teacher.

    Then doesn't really seem that strict. Be glad you don't go to school in like Pakistan.

    phones allowed but not in lessons, though some noice teachers will let you
    no hoodies, no tight jeans, no trainers, but thats what they say, they dont chase you up anymore for it because no one listens

    When I used to go to high school, it was incredibly strict.

    No hoodies.
    No phones (you weren't allowed to bring them full stop)
    No makeup
    No trainers
    No skinny jeans
    No jewellery
    Black shoes and socks only
    Black bags and black coats
    Definitely no smoking

    I can't remember what the other rules were now tho but college is so much more relaxed.
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    - Sixth formers have to wear a matching suit
    - Not a lot of makeup allowed otherwise they tell you to wash it off
    - Not allowed fancy jewellery otherwise they tell you to take it off (happened to me when I was wearing a cuff earring )
    - No phones allowed in lessons or anywhere around the school, only allowed in the sixth form building when it's break/lunch time
    - Not allowed to go outside school at break

    I left school 4 years ago but the rules were

    -Phones to be switched completely off and at the bottom of the student's schoolbag for the whole school day (8:30-15:30)
    -Approved black trousers
    -Approved black shoes
    -Plain black socks
    -White shirt
    -School tie with appropriate house colours
    -Black blazer with the school logo on the right breast pocket
    -6th formers to wear business wear i.e. matching suits
    -No drugs, smoking or drinking on school premises
    -6th formers bringing cars have to have school permits in order to park on site
    -6th formers forbidden from parking at the leisure centre next door

    Pretty standard stuff

    Mine was very strict, even in the 6th form

    My old school was really strict but my new school isn't.
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Updated: June 8, 2016
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