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Objections to cheap labour.

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    Why do people keep objecting to cheap labour?

    There are lots of places that depend on cheap labour to keep prices down. For example discount shops selling cheap stuff.

    If people were so concerned about cheap labour, they should avoid discount shops but they are becoming more popular so more people must want them.

    If a person is happy to work and earn money at an agreed rate.. then what is the problem? This minimum wage law is a major problem and directly effects the cost of living.. this then increases the welfare bill and many people suffer! Stupid law

    Well when you have a larger supply of unskilled workers, as is provided by the EU's open border policy, the value of their labour is decreased further due to the oversupply.
    While this is good for corporations in particular, its not so good for the working class and lower middle class, which is probably a big part of the reason why poorer communities seem to be opposed to the EU and are so concerned over immigration.

    Can't really argue with that comment it is very true...


    A person who is willing to work, skilled or unskilled makes little difference.. a company taking on these workers will decide if that matters.. and yes the quality of work might be less but again the company will decide this also.

    At the end of the day.. companies need people to work.. without immigration, would many of these positions be taken by British people? Why don't we have more British doctors for example? In my area at least many are from India (example) and they speak in a Indian accent, although usually good English.. it has been this way for years and years. WHY is this?

    It's also worth noting that higher wages = higher prices. This has an obvious impact in the form of trading globally (how many companies have left to set up in India/China for cheap labour?), but has impacts even at the local level.

    Are you happy to pay an extra £50p for a burger? An extra £20p for a pint? How about 50% more for a haircut?

    Wages are a part of the cost to make or deliver something (a very large part in the case of services) and even at a local level we will need to pay more if we want them to earn more.

    Of course if you earn more you can hopefully afford to pay more, so the local issue balances itself out somewhat.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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