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Want to get a house with partner who is a waitress but i'm only a student?

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    Hi, first time posting so not really sure if this is the right thing to do, so sorry if I haven't done it right.

    I am a student who has another 5-6 years left on the course, earning around 8k a year and my fiance is a waitress earning around 15k a year - I also get student finance of around 7k a year. I want to get a mortgage with my fiance but is it actually possible? Looking around they kind of don't want to give them to students and it seems to but so impractical that it's impossible?!?

    Please Help!

    btw, we are both over 18 (21 in March)

    I reckon nowadays you need a 10% deposit and they might lend on your gf wage if she has a permanent job. You could try a trip to Halifax and ask. But realistically I suspect the best strategy is to start saving for a deposit and work on plans to increase your earnings. Most people able to buy houses these days are probably late 20s / early 30s unless the bank of Mummy & Daddy is able to sponsor it.
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    that's what I thought, so do you think if we had 10% (we have about 10k saved up) that we could probably get one then? Santander offered me a 60k mortgage with a crappy percentage :/ Halifax, not tried them but I will give a go - just didn't really know what I was getting into yanoe

    If you have saved £10k already you do have some credibility. This said house prizes have gone crazy and I guess unless you want to live in the most dire area £60k buys very little. So, go to a few building societies / banks and really understand what's what. I have found Halifax very good. But I bet my original advice still stands. Don't feel you have to have a mortgage now.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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