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Depression, repeating a year of univesity

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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for writing such a long post, I'm really worried right now...

    I am currently in my second year of a 4 year degree and I am waiting for my exam results. Managed to get a 1st in year one but this year was a disaster and I think that I might fail 3 exams due to depression, which means I will have to repeat these 3 courses next year. I started feeling extremely sad at the beginning of the academic year but it only got worse in the 2nd term: couldn't concentrate, cried a lot, couldn't sleep,eat, got headaches, started moving and thinking in slow motion, missed many classes , my grades started to drop from 8,9, 10 to 2,3,4 and sometimes 0 because I didn't always manage to do the homework...it was awful..I only feel like I'm completely back to normal now. I went to see my GP and she recommended counseling ..however I didn't really tell her everything because my parents convinced me that if I have more than a mild depression nobody will ever hire me / love me etc ) and I didn't talk to my tutor either so I couldn't apply for extenuating circumstances since you need to have at least a moderate episode in order to apply.
    My question is: if I end up repeating a year without having any extenuating circumstances, so no way to explain why I failed , will I be able to get an internship afterwards? How will this affect my employment prospects? would love to work in asset management, risk or technology but those internships are very competitive....I'm really worried ...

    Thank you for reading this.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Repeating it might affect you a bit but I don't see how they could know if you had extenuating circumstances or not unless you tell them, and a lot of people do it for different reasons. I'd say repeating it and getting grades that are closer to your potential would affect them far less than only just passing, it also gives you another year to improve your mental health and understanding of the content before you move on so works all ways round. I would advise telling your GP as much as you can and also uni support services- it's hard to do but again people will only know about it if you tell them, employers can't see your medical records! But good luck whatever you decide, hope you manage to work something out
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