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Entry requirements/groningen, maastricht, leiden, UoA

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    Hey people!

    I am planning to study in Holland next year (UoA, maastricht university, leiden university, Groningen university) but i have couple of things in mind first. I already emailed the universities but they could not give me the needed answer. I am from Finland and i got MCCBB from my exams. I also did math but only missing couple of points, i did not pass it unfortunately. I really want to study psychology but it requires math i suppose. Should i atleast try to apply and compensate the math test with really good personal statement? I also have work experience if that helps. Thank you for answering!


    I'm not sure if you emailed Leiden, but our Finnish diploma requirements to apply to any programme is the Ylioppilastutkinto todistus. If you have successfully completed this diploma you would be admissible to most programmes in The Netherlands. Some programmes are more selective, and up until 2017 that included most Psychology programmes. As of 2017 most Psychology programmes will be changing their admissions procedures and allowing more students to apply. However, math proficiency is very important for this type of research programme. At Leiden our programme includes 5 statistics courses over 3 years, so you would need to be aware of that. Our specific requirements for 2017 will be posted after September on our website. Please check www.bachelors.leiden.edu at that time to see what het procedure will be.

    You can also email me directly if you wish [email protected].

    Best regards,
    Carolyn Barr
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    Thank you for the answer Leiden University! I just got your email. I will email you directly!

    I have successfully completed my ylioppilastutkinto diploma.


    For the University of Groningen it's quite the same; if you have finished your Ylioppilastutkinto diploma, you are admissible to the Psychology programme for the September 2017 start. We don't have any specific grade requirements, but do advise strong affinity with mathematics; the course is very statistics-focused, so you should be comfortable with it.

    Also, if you have had English as a final exam subject, you are exempt from the English language test; good to know!

    Good luck, and if you have any other questions, email us at [email protected] !
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    Thank you University of Groningen for the information!

    Yes I did advanced English as my final exam and did pass it. I also did psychology, biology, health education and Finnish language. Very good to know that i don't have to take the english test! so is this the case in every university in Netherlands? or do I have to take the English test in other universities perhaps?
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