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Dofe and narcissitic teammates AMA

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    I find that when people are in times of difficulty the ignore everyone's needs and the "greater good" for the team and become self-centered and only interested in what they need and what they're struggling in.

    From experience(only have the gold actual expedition to go) i'm always the last person in the group and it's quite a bit more difficult to not anger anyone on a sunny day when it's making everyone sweat. I'll use my group as an example. Almost everyone was *****ing about everyone else in the last day. I didn't even have a voice to complain so(actions speak louder than words) i forced my team to slow down for me so i wouldn't run out of breath and be physically exhausted when we still had a day left to go. However everyone was arguing about their own problems and disregarding everyone's problems thus creating a circle of ignorant idiotic fools arguing pointlessly.

    When this happens i'm usually the one just to sit out and rest(i'm last anyway) and let the rest of my group ***** it up and less their stress out on each other. After observing for a while i realised everyone tried to work together for the common goal of "let's get this over with and finished" but it was difficult to achieve that and when ever problems crept up complaints were made and every other member fo the group told the other to be quiet and move on.(this happened to everyone, especially me when i forcibly slowed my team down, unless the wanna fail lol they gotta keep to me) At this moment i realised everyone only cares for themselves in times of difficulty and really show their true nature when under stress, i mean i'm usually one to take things slow and slowly sort things out but it seemed as if those around me became narcissistic....

    TL;DR- When it comes down to pain and suffering during hard times in dofe people tend to care less about others and care only about their own needs and don't work together as a team. Once people begin to show their true selves in times of hardship, the team starts breaking down and pointless arguments between fools occur. People wonder and tell me things however about how all the other teammates are knobs towards them and how they don't care even if they're suffering and that's because i realise this is what long hard dofe walks make people into.

    It looks kool but too long to read bro.
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    (Original post by M14B)
    It looks kool but too long to read bro.
    Ok i'll add a TL;DR

    It sounds awfully like you're only bothered about your own problem, and not caring about how the rest of your team is faring?
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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