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compare ways poets present violence in charge of the light brigade and bayonet charge

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    help from anyone? also how would i start an essay like this?

    Charge of the Light Brigade sees a nobility in the futile charge, honour/ duty/king/country makes those charging continue to press the attack home:

    Was there a man dismay'd?
    Not tho' the soldier knew
    Someone had blunder'd:
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die

    Bayonet Charge sees things somewhat differently

    King, honour, human dignity, etcetera
    Dropped like luxuries in a yelling alarm

    Expand by looking at the use of words and phrases, e.g. what is etcerera doing in there, consider and compare the cadence of the writing, the rhyme, the metre.

    Dig around in each, juxtapose their tones and you ought to be able to construct something that makes your argument. Both are futile, but both view that futility differently.

    (p.s. have never studied Bayonet Charge so above is a ad hoc snap analysis in about two minutes, with a bit of thought and tome I am sure you can finesse the idea)

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Updated: June 11, 2016
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