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Hey guys, i need serious advice here!

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    New to this site so i thought i would say hello
    Now to the advice part.
    I'am about to study health at college and progress onto university to study nursing but I have a big problem!
    A problem I caused myself for being immature and allowing childhood stuff get to me so I expect zero sympathy. I chose the wrong path to go down.
    Basically when i was 17 going on 18 i had various problems going on (was still recovering from childhood abuse and was in a abusive relationship to where i was forced into an abortion).
    So i was very depressed and i went onto antidepressants.

    I got in with the wrong crowd and shoplifted. no idea why i did it and i regret it more than anything in my life!
    I was arrested, also with everything going on in my life i didnt want to upset anyone and gave the police wrong details.
    In the end i had a breakdown and told them the truth.
    I was put in a cell and interviewed.
    My friend who did most of the shoplifting got off really and she was doing it for months and i took the blame.
    I was charged with shoplifting and obstruction...went to court and my solicitor tried to get the case dropped but it was denied.
    So went to court again and my solicitor explained why i did it and the judge said suspended sentence.
    I paid a fine and have never broken the law since or before that.
    I was a silly child who went off the rails.
    Have been a carer for years and nursing is what my heart was set upon.

    I have obviously learnt from my experiences and i have matured into a mature, sensible adult.
    Ive had discussions with solictors even police about nursing and they said it should be ok as long as i declare what i did and how i have changed.

    Just dont want to study and it will be all for nothing, its breaking my heart and its my own fault.
    I just cant imagine a nurse to have a record really! Does anyone know people working as nurses or health professionals with records?

    Thank you.

    try do some voluntary work to put on your CV. it will look good

    Hey, newbie.
    Hope everything's getting better - not everything in life always goes the way we want it to but I believe that the ending in life always makes sense in accordance to what happened in particular stages.
    For your pursuit of nursing (I hope you're doing what you enjoy rather than just for money) I think it'd be wise to do one or two volunteering jobs to prove that you're trustworthy and willing to work and serve regardless of your past; because if you do something different now, employers will have the heart to know that you aren't the same person you were at 17/18 and we can't let our pasts define us so it'll be a good thing to do.
    Tip: if you do decide to get a volunteering job, it'd be good to use your employer(s) as your referee(s) in your CV so they can testify to your now trustworthy, enthusiastic and diligent character.

    All the best to your life and pursuits

    When did it happen? Year
    What was the exact sentence and how old were you when it was given? What does it say on your record?
    How old are you now?

    Its quite common.

    If they ask you on the form then you have to declare it, they may do a search anyway, so you wont be able to hide it.
    Normally what happens is it will be revieweed by your course providers and you may eb asked to make a statement or attend a hearing.

    You have an explanation , so I think you would be ok. They look at the type of crime so are very wary of anything sexual or biolent or anything to do with children. Shoplifting isnt very bright as its a form of dishonesty, but there are worse. As I said its a common issue, so just speak to the course organiser if you are unduly worried.
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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