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Personal statement: Lower secondary school extra curriculars, do they count?

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    Ok, so here we go. First of all I'm neither a UK-citizen nor I live in the UK, but my dream is to study a science-related course (ok, medicine ) in the UK. I'm an EU citizen living in an EFTA country. Here, upper secondary school or high school lasts 3 years, and these are the 3 final years of education. In the town where I lived, I used to play jazz guitar, but that was before high school. I played in the local concerts, and I even had the honor to play jazz together with professional musicians that came over from England and that have recorded their own CDs (this is true, I promise!!). But now, I'm in my first year of high school, and my school is 100 km away from the place where I used to live, so I have to live close to my school during weekdays, and thus I had to quit playing (by the way, the reason why I chose a school located that far away was the IB program. The national qualifications in the country where I live are not that appreciated and that widely approved in the UK if you want to study medicine. Now I'm almost done with Pre-IB and hoping to do the IB next year). My question is then: Is this jazz playing with professional musicians still worth mentioning in University applications, even though I didn't do any playing in high school (until now)? (I've read articles saying that in the USA, they only care about the extra curriculars you did in high school, is it the same way in the UK?) By the way this jazz playing is relevant, I've given it much of a thought lately . Sorry for making this so long, all answers greatly appreciated Thank you!!

    The general rule of thumb is in the last two years (from when you are writing the PS) at most
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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