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Accused of hitting parked car and driving off...

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    I received a notification from my insurance company telling me that somebody has alleged that I hit their parked car five days ago causing damage, and that I left the scene without leaving my insurance details or notifying the police. The driver allegedly was not in the car at the time and did not personally witness it themselves. However, they say they have a witness (apparently a security guard working close by witnessed it) who also says I caused damage to the car.

    I'm in genuine shock as I do not recall hitting anybody's car, nor do I have any damage to my vehicle. When I asked my insurance company for more details about the alleged incident, they have told me that the investigations are in the early stages and cannot provide me with more details due to data protection reasons.

    The only thing confusing me is the witness, who says it definitely happened. While I do recall driving in the area where the incident happened - I am sure that I did not touch this persons vehicle, let alone damage it. But surely if an independent witness says that they seen the incident, they will side with the other driver? I'm a young driver and any claim against me is likely to make my insurance costs shoot up.

    I have also been told that the police has been notified, but since the incident only happened days ago I am yet to receive any correspondence from the police.

    Basically, what my question is, will the insurance companies in question, just side with the other driver because they have an independent witness who says they seen me do this, even if I don't have damage to my car? Also, what is the role of the police in this situation?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Have a chat with a solicitor about it if the police pursues it. The police and the insurance company will need evidence that your car damaged the other one.

    I don't think a single witness will suffice if there is no physical or CCTV evidence to support it.

    It doesn't help you much now, but get a dashcam! Then you'd have proof that at that time and in that place you didn't hit the vehicle they say you did.

    Other than that you can only wait and see how it plays out really, and lawyer up if you need to!

    Unlikely that one single witness is enough. They would need solid evidence such as CCTV or Dashcam footage or w.e

    Just one question - are you absolutely sure it's not a scam?

    The "We're calling about the accident you had" game is a pretty common one. It's pretty tricky to crash a car and not notice.
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Updated: June 10, 2016
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