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Argument with friend over me buying nightclub ticket and he was turned away.

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    To make it clearer we booked ticket in advance as it cost half the price.

    I kept pestering him to not wear his scruffy clothes as he wears a tatty jacket, cargo trousers (which are more like tracksuit bottoms) and a tatty pair of trainers.

    He did bring shoes and jeans to my flat as hes staying a few days but kept saying he will get in.

    He was turned away and expected me to either go with him around town (when I knew we would have same issue everywhere) and even if I did he said he didn't have to give me the cash for the ticket as he couldn't get in despite me paying it by card.

    He is quite a insensitive person though and have minor arguments with him a lot, hes more naive than nasty.

    Eventually I decided to stay in the club and said to him I will meet him in a hour and if he can't get in anywhere (or he can phone me before if he can't) we could either go home or see what happens.

    So I do and find out hes quite enjoying himself in a pub he got into and is happy to wait, when we meet again at closing time I find out despite me saying I left phone at home and knowing he had a fully charged phone his battery is dead as he decided to play games on his phone.

    Had to wait 2 hours for a taxi home and pay £40 instead of £18 of which I am expected to pay half of as well.

    The only thing you can argue a little is about me wanting to go to club alone after he didn't get in.

    But even so what to do here? Though I am angry about paying £12 extra for taxi I am more about the £10 ticket (it was for a special event) especially when he ignored me saying he wouldn't get in.

    Just wanted to vent a little but more get opinions.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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