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Applying for student accommodation

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    Hi all,
    Wondering if anybody is able to help me in regards to student accommodation. Unfortunately, I've been a bit late to the accommodation grab, due to the distraction of exams and parents being unable to get the necessary booking fee required. However, I was able to go through the process for booking earlier today and picked the hall I wished to apply for. However, I was shown the message 'There are no more rooms at the moment'. My questions revolve around the following...

    What does this mean? Does this mean that there are no places literally AT THE MOMENT due to whatever reason. Or, does it mean that there are no rooms full stop, due to them being all booked by other prospective students?

    If the latter is the case, what would be my next course of action. I'm aware that private accommodation is a thing. However, I'm not quite sure how it works :/
    For example, do you only live within them during the course term like you do in halls? or is it throughout the whole year? Do you have to move out after a year? Also, if these two are the case, how would I pay for this seeing as my student finance only really covers payment for term time? :?

    Really sorry for the length of this. But thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and if youre able to give me advice

    (Sorry if I end up asking more questions after you answer me, as I'm unfortunately not really well informed about how this part of the process works)

    Private halls you can pay a summer retainer at %50 discount if your staying over the summer they charge normal rates

    I have a Flat with En Suite (£250 deposit already paid) at oxford grange (private halls)

    £110 p/w
    Double Bed
    Large Wardrobe
    Modern Kitchen Shower
    30seconds Walk from DMU campus
    Attached Images

    Check this Facebook group that has Links to all the different accommodation pages

    Should hopefully be useful for you.
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