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Do u ever dream of having an exciting life?

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    (Original post by Salamandastron)
    :lol: it's ok, it isnt meant to be got
    Omg check it out :teeth: well any music is better than no music :yes:

    And yeh someone i like showed me that, dont think they like me that much anymore but still
    Good song :music:
    As per usual, Digital Daggers produces a good song!! :grin: Music is life for me! Always listening to it!

    It's always sad when that stuff happens! It's a brilliant song!! But not my favourite tbh! What's your favourite? :eek:

    (Original post by Drewski)
    Have done. It's not all its cracked up to be.
    Please elaborate, I'm quite interested :yep:

    Edit: oops nevermind just saw your other posts

    (Original post by inhuman)
    I think this is more common than people might think.

    My favorite is being a spy. I think because I love spy tv shows and movies.
    Being a spy is a boring job.

    And you can't even tell women you're a spy.

    It seems to me that that since 'excitement ' is presumably caused by chemical reactions in the brain,it's a bit extreme to actually risk your life just to feel excitement.

    If you can replicate that feeling to a large extent day after day without risking your life that might suffice .

    Anyway of course the easiest /most efficient way most men add excitement to otherwise boring lives is by gambling.

    However the problem with that is that if you know you can't make money it eventually stops being as exciting. And if you can win then you have to bet higher and higher amounts.(Not to mention the risk of addiction)

    So the other main practical way of feeling excitement is to take up something that requires live performance.

    That can be djing,amateur acting,stand up comedian or porn star.

    But I must admit that personally,even though I do in fact bet very large amounts every year,the one thing that made my life seem exciting was being single and flirting with women.

    Going out to bars every night and not knowing who you will meet was enough excitement for me.Of course if you do it for too long it's sad but I was dare I say addicted to the excitement.

    No amount of money gambled,I've found,can make up for the moment that a very attractive woman smiles at you in a bar or on a train.

    That was enough for me I must say.But then I've never been shot at.

    (Original post by inhuman)
    I think this is more common than people might think.

    My favorite is being a spy. I think because I love spy tv shows and movies.

    same here actually! haha and omg your username is inhuman, do you watch agents of shield too? I'm excited for the inhumans movie to come out (in 2017?)

    There is so much I would love to do! But it's all about being realistic with yourself too.

    When I was about 10, I really wanted to be a spy, like Bond, flying helicopters and learning how to shoot, most of all, the awesome gadgets! I think after a couple years of fantasising, I wanted to be a pilot and later, I wanted to be an actress and star in big movies, working with big names! I also wanted to be a police office, just doing something to help the country.

    Now, I want to travel the world and I think that would be really exciting! Sky diving, Cliff jumping and all sorts! It's just a matter of waiting until I can do all that! xD

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