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help with fitness and diet please

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    This question is quite general and i'm not sure I really have a specific question..

    I need fitness / diet help. I do workout but it just seems like bits here and there, nothing regular.

    I'm a member of a gym and will be for the next 5 weeks (until I go back home for the summer.) When I go I usually do the weight machines. I do some cardio.. maybe about 10 minutes high intensity, I find I prefer the rowing machine. I know free weights are better but I feel a bit intimidated. There's also classes on which I have been to occasionally.

    I do go climbing sometimes, but when I do I find I need at least 3 days to recover, as it always shatters me out. I really love it though and aim to go at least once a week.

    I also play football, but it's off season at the moment.

    My main aim at the moment is to get leaner, better fitness for football (but i'm sure that will come with getting leaner or vice versa).

    I often get confused with diet as well, such as the percentage of macros I need etc etc. I use my fitness pal but find it hard to measure/record some things.

    I'm a girl, about 5'4 160lbs

    For getting fitter for football, improving your running, by improving your time over distance with stuff like hill climbs and some interval training is ideal. That probably is going to have the biggest carryover to your football. Rowing and cycling will be lower impact and also aid in this.

    Lifting properly takes dedication and realistically 5 weeks isn't long enough to see any difference really.

    Macros wise, aim to eat like an adult, don't snack and try to eat healthly, reducing the amount of junk and highly processed foods in your diet. Protein wise somewhere around 1-1.5g/kg/bw. Carbs and fat will sort themselves out if you eat sensibly with a decent amount of veg including greenery.

    Hope that helps

    If climbing makes you sore for three days it is amazing, I mean if it hurts it means it works so I would consider doing more of that climbing. By the way since you are a girl and I do not think you want to gain a lot of muscles you may wanna look for some exercises that do not involve weight lifting and you can actually do them at home. There are plenty of youtube videos out there so you can always find something for you (exercises without weights) and that is actually what I do even tho I am a guy. It is hard to gain any mass when you are working with your own weight only, however it makes you incredibly fit as I doubt I have even as much as 8 per cent of body fat.
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Updated: June 11, 2016
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