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Warwick Business School is the UK equivalent of which American universities?

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    Hey folks,

    I am interested in the MSc Finance program at Warwick Business School. One of the key reasons being I have really smart friends who went there and said many good things about it (e.g. the reputation, representative). But since I studied in the US, I don't know much about UK universities and hope you can help me put things in perspective.

    From my own assessment, Oxford/Cambridge are like the UK equivalents of Harvard/Stanford, LSE is like University of Chicago, Imperial is like MIT and LBS is like Wharton.

    How about Warwick? Is it fair to say it is like the American Kellogg?

    I've read a lot of the forums here and while many say WBS is a top, target school in business/finance, some say it is overrated.

    Your help is much appreciated!

    Raging Bull

    I've never heard of Kellogg so I can't comment on whether Warwick is anything like it. Persoanlly I think it is a mistake to try and compare UK universities to US universities in the way you've suggested, it implies there are significant differences between the top 5 business schools in the UK when in reality, there aren't. WBS is a prestigious business school in the UK/Europe, what more do you need to know?

    Maybe Princepieman can offer a more informed opinion.

    The US has many more universities in the UK so you won't really find an M7 equivalent, are we looking at this from an MBA perspective or an MSc Finance perspective? LSE doesnt run an MBA and LBS is above Oxbridge (as a business school, not academically). To answer the Warwick question it is a tier below Kellogg and when I see people try to make a comparison they tend to compare it to places like Ross and Stern. If you're interested in finance then Warwick is definitely up there as one of the best but if you're after consulting I'd choose one of the others you mentioned (unless you're aiming for the Big 4)

    Well, they're heavily connected with the Wharton Business School. So, with UPenn.

    (Original post by ShafTJB)
    Well, they're heavily connected with the Wharton Business School. So, with UPenn.
    They have an exchange partnership with Wharton but to compare the two is a tad ridiculous, Business education in the US is still fairly far ahead of what it is in the UK so the only university really that compares to Wharton in terms of quality is LBS, I'm reluctant to use LSE due to it's lack of MBA and Said and Judge benefit hugely from being parts of Oxford and Cambridge.

    For undergrad business programme's prestige and the opportunities afforded to its graduates, I'd say it's comparable to NYU Stern or Dartmouth College, which is a tad better than USC Marshall or Georgetown McDonough, and slightly worse than Columbia or Berkeley-Haas.

    For MBA:

    Berkeley-Haas, MIT-Sloan, Chicago-Booth, Northwestern-Kellogg, INSEAD, Dartmouth-Tuck, Columbia, [/b]LBS[/b]

    - gap -
    Yale-SOM, Duke-***ua, NYU-Stern, IMD-Switzerland, IE Spain,
    Cornell-Johnson, Michigan-Ross, Virginia-Darden, Cambridge-Judge, Oxford-Said, HEC-Paris
    - small gap -
    ESADE, Warwick, UCLA-Andersen, Texas-Austin, Georgetown-McDonough, Imperial-Tanaka
    - small gap -
    Rice, Emory, Vanderbilt, Washington-Olin, Cranfield, Manchester and so on.

    For Finance:
    It's a top 15 in the world, for pre-professional category.
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