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AQA Biology B2 - Unofficial Mark Scheme

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    (Original post by rihana.c)
    I did , I put it would still contain the diseased allele but I'm not sure if its right

    I put testicles instead of testes, same thing right???
    Yeah thats right

    Guys i wrote the wrong experiment for the 6 marker on b2, but i wrote all about keeping it a fair test like keeping it at same intervals and using same beaker , how many marks?

    (Original post by Oblivion99)
    Guys i wrote the wrong experiment for the 6 marker on b2, but i wrote all about keeping it a fair test like keeping it at same intervals and using same beaker , how many marks?
    Same, I said measure the growth of the plant after moving the light but nothing about bubbles

    (Original post by studentshavefun)
    same, i said measure the growth of the plant after moving the light but nothing about bubbles
    same. I didnt read the q . Im so scared now. Lost my a*

    (Original post by Oblivion99)
    same. I didnt read the q . Im so scared now. Lost my a*
    I wouldnt worry too much. After all it is an experiment and it can be carried out in many ways. If you made your point clear and talked about repeating the experiment and the mean, then even if it was incorrect you wouldn't lose all 6 marks. However, I'm sure measuring growth is still an acceptable method of carrying out the experiment

    Would everyone say that the predicted mark scheme is accurate ?!

    swear it was 1 minute not 1.5 minutes - the time the athlete was exercising
    as it started at a constant heart beat then they did a minute of exercise. the extra 0.5 minutes when it stayed level was because the athlete was paying back their oxygen debt
    and then after that the blood pressure decrease over a minute
    but might be wrong

    (Original post by Naco88)
    ↑↑↑ In the poll above, an answer like '> 30%' would mean between '30%' and '40%' ↑↑↑

    Remember a question? Post your answers below.
    NOTICE: Follow me and I will try and post the answers for the Chemistry and Physics exams on Wednesday and Friday. Good Luck! : )
    I have received a ton of answers on Twitter (@NacoRBLX) and have added a lot more to this! Thanks to everyone who has and still is sending me answers! We have made a really good community on this post today and look out for the chemistry and physics threads on Wednesday and Friday! - Naco88
    This mark scheme is not official and was made purely from what we saw in the exam.
    Also thanks for 34,000 views!

    AQA B2 Higher - Unofficial Mark Scheme (Updated Regularly) (Should have the last few questions of foundation)

    1. Athlete Question - UPDATED
    i) Anaerobic means respiration without oxygen
    ii) The athlete was running for 1.5 minutes.
    b) How do you know it was anaerobic respiration?
    The athlete produced lactic acid
    c) How does the flow of the blood help the athlete's muscles?
    Removes lactic acid, build up. Causes less fatigue. Supplies oxygen.
    2. Pond Weed Question
    • Put the pond weed in the beaker,
    • Fill the beaker with water.
    • Move the light close to the pond weed,
    • Count bubbles in one minute, / Measure oxygen produced
    • Note down your results,
    • Repeat experiment but move the light closer/further away from the pond weed each time.
    • To make it a fair test, use same amount of water, use same length/volume of pond weed, time it for the same length.
    Question 2 notes: The answer could be any experiment to test how the amount of light intensity affects photosynthesis. The question stated that you did not have to write about the equipment pictured and it was just an example.
    (6 marks)
    3. Enzymes question
    Circle Cytoplasm. (1 mark)
    What is an enzyme? (2 marks)
    An enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.
    • Muscular tissue contracts and churns food in the stomach
    • Epithelial tissue covers the stomach
    • Glandular tissue secretes hormones and enzymes
    Rest of question is incomplete
    4. Plantains in the field
    To improve their investigation: Use random sampling, take more samples.
    With the mean average question, people seemed to be getting either 10,100 or 160,000. Different answers I know but we are not sure which is right.

    Rest of question is incomplete
    5. Polydactyly Question - UPDATED
    Stem cells are undifferentiated stem cells that can potentially become any cell.
    Rest of question is incomplete
    This question had a lot of parts to do with alleles but it was so long no one can really remember it.

    I am not sure if the following answer was on the polydactyly question but here are our redicted answers:
    Parents genotype: Genotype: mother: Bb father :Bb
    Parents phenotype: Both have brown hair
    Gametes: Mother: XY Father: XX
    Offspring genotype: Brother: bb Sister: Bb
    Offspring phenotype: Brother - red hair sister - brown hair

    How do you know the man is heterogeneous?
    He has B & b alleles.
    6. Removing bacteria from milk with catalase.
    • Advantages: Catalysts can be reused
    • Disadvantages: Enzymes can denature, Hydrogen Peroxide doesn't kill all the bacteria, It could mix with/stay in the milk which could be harmful to humans.
    These weren't the only ones but they're the ones I have seen posted the most.

    Rest of question is incomplete
    7. Meiosis & Mitosis
    The sperm cells were produced in the testes/testicles by Meiosis. The embryo divided by Mitosis.
    For the question about the size of each cell:
    1. 6.6
    2. 13.2
    3. 6.6
    4. 3.3
    Rest of question is incomplete
    8. Foxes
    How can scientists prove the foxes originated from the same species?
    The scientists could breed 2 of the foxes and see if they produce fertile offspring. (Offspring which can reproduce)
    How are the foxes different species?
    Foxes, Geographical isolation. Adapted differently. Mutation, So unable to breed. Different species.
    Why were the foxes on the 3 islands varied but still the same species?
    The islands have similar conditions so the two species adapted similarly and were so similar they could still interbreed so were still of the same species.
    I am not sure what question these answers were for)
    Know more answers? Please message me on twitter @NacoRBLX, thanks!

    Note: The questions may not be in the right order.

    This is a mix of my answers and those of the community but they are not guaranteed to be correct.
    Grade Boundary Predictions

    These are completely my predictions, we have decided that it was a fairly
    easy paper so our boundaries are fairly high.

    A* - 46 marks

    A - 37 marks

    B - 31 marks

    C - 24 marks

    Thanks for using my mark scheme : )
    Is this for the AQA AS paper 2?
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