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Workers Rights should be abolished or not?

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    Link all the Government garbage you want.. it is a fact the WAGES in many businesses are the major costs.. thus directly effect prices.

    Some Workers Rights can cripple business.. because they protect lazy workers, workers who are often late or absent (for longer periods of time) until the "correct steps" are taken often months down the line and money has been lost! So don't tell me that Workers Rights are good for everybody or that they are perfect. Of course changes need to be made..

    (Original post by Quantex)
    Of course workers rights are required. Or should we bring back The Master and Servant Act, where workers are imprisoned for minor breaches of contract?

    As for the minimum wage, I'm yet to see much to say that it is damaging or has significant negative effects on the economy. So I regard it as a good thing. To quote the government's Low Pay Commission:


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    When it comes to workers rights.. I understand that certain financial and health protection is required in ANY financial system. We need breaks, holidays and financial payment for work protection, to name a few.

    The unfair dismissal cases that workers are entitled to make, for being sacked, in my opinion, should be reviewed. Due to the timescale it takes for employers to gather enough evidence or give required warnings, to warrant a "fair" dismissal. At the end of the day, if a person OWNS a business, then it is their business to do how they wish, with regards to employers behaviour or timekeeping. This is not the case and employers can be losing business due to workers not doing their job to a required standard. How is that fair? Or a worker who can simply go to the doctors with a "bad back" and be given a "Fit for work note" for months on end.. employers are then left short or need to replace the worker with supply staff or bank staff for the period! This therefor costs the Employer more time and money!

    So what can be done in regards to keeping it fair for all?
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Updated: June 10, 2016
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