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How to get a job in the sector you want

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    So I am looking for a job in a number of sectors and have a degree.It is hard but i want to make sure i avoid wasting time. How do I make sure that I am noticed (not just with a CV) as I know making contacts is just as important.

    For example, if I wanted a job in the health sector as some sort of manager, what steps can I take to make sure I am the recruiters preferred choice? ie. who should I be contacting and get my self known in whichever job I decide to apply for.I realised this is a big advantage in the career I am in now but I now wanted to go to another sector such as health.

    Would appreciate advice.


    I would first find a job description of the ideal job you would like. Look at the job requirements and ensure the skills required match those with your experience.

    I would recommend writing a cover letter meeting at high level each points on the job description.

    To contact a company directly I would find the website of the company you want to work for, there should be s careers page or contact page with HR details or a list of current vacancies. You should be able to apply online.

    To make yourself standout why not create a short video covering letter of yourself stating why you would be good for the job.

    Hope this helps


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    To add if you don't meet some of the job requirements I would go away and learn as much as you can, however for manager roles some experience might be required to be considered.


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    Research and get the skills and experience they want.

    Canva is a website which provides some cool/obscure CVs. You'll definitely stand out with one of those.

    Volunteer - There are so many opportunities out there that provide invaluable experience. Employees look at that. You worked for free in the sector, great, you must really enjoy it. (https://do-it.org/)

    Make yourself memorable. What makes you better than everyone else?

    Make a LinkedIn account, network, be professional. What skills do you have? What achievements do you have from previous jobs? What were you responsible for?
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