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Thyroid Lumps need of advice?

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    (Original post by Samwin)
    Hi All

    I'm just in need of some advice. I am 22 years old female, and have a weird condition that causes lumps that can turn cancerous called cowden's syndrome. I am under an endocrinologist for my thyroid as have yearly ultrasound scans. Anyway, last year they found one of the lumps on my thyroid had grown so much they biopsied it. This was an inconclusive test.. so saw the consultant again this year, only it was a stand in one, who in the most rushed appointment I have had (5 minutes in all) said it doesn't look too bad, and said to just leave it. Though I am not entirely happy, as a) the pressure on my neck around that area is feeling terrible, b) my body temperature keeps fluctuating wildly and c) keep finding it hard to swallow and getting sore throats. I had normal bloods come back.. but am I in my rights to email and ask for another appointment?
    If you are concerned then you can email or call and ask for some followup.

    Issues with thyroid can cause everything you said though. A benign lump would still be likely to cause pain and difficulty swallowing and the thyroid gland is involved in temperature control so if the lump is causing issues with that it could easily explain it. That wouldn't be serious in the same way as something cancerous or anything (still really damn bothersome though). I assume they did TSH test with all the bloods which would rule out hyper/othyroidism (though that can change) and that all the tests they did regarding the lump itself were done properly and clear. I immagine they just buggered up their bedside manner.

    Still worth checking for peace of mind and being propperly informed, but I wouldn't worry about it. You might want to make an appointment with your GP if you're not getting anywhere with them. They should still have access to your records so will be able to go through it with you. If it's really bothering you you may also want to ask about treatment options. It may be that it is best to leave it be, but it's still worth knowing all the options. If nothing else it makes you feel better leaving it if you know the other options would be worse.

    Just bare in mind that I know nothing about your condition and am not a doctor so trust your gut and doctors over me

    Hope you get some decent information and things start improving soon
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