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SLC lied to me about overpayment repayment

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    After seperating from an abusive/controlling ex-boyfriend and providing evidence from police, therapist, doctors and uni councilers that I was a victim of domestic abuse; the SLC decliared my relationship as a "partnership" and this determined I'd been overpaid by roughly £5700. After many appeals and lack of funding to take the matter to court, I was forced to accept the amount. The SLC then issued a letter to me in 2015 stating no repayment was to be made until completion of my course.
    Today I've haf a letter demanding payment or face further action. I call SLC and ask why payment is being requested when I haven't finished my course. After an hour of being passed around I get told "all I can advise is why the overpaymebt exists, you need to speak to repayments" yet repayments told me that they cannot extend the repayment date without SLC telling them to. I got nowhere and eventually told to make £5 payment today then call back in August to set up a repayment plan.
    They sent me a letter stating one thing then take action differently. They've lied and threatened their way into taking money from an abuse victim who's struggled to finance herself through her final year because SLC refused to means assess me. They then even had the nerve to send me a letter in November telling my I qualify for a grant as Im a single, independant, mature student living on my own. This too was a lie as they are standing by their "right to refuse payment at any point" clause.
    I'm now unemployed, moving to germany to live with my new boyfriend whilst im financally unstable, yet being forced to pay off an unfair debt caused by a domestic abuse relationship. My ex-boyfriends control over me will continue to haunt me because of SLC aggressively exploiting the situation.
    I question whether the degree was worth it and if I can live with to ongoing stress. This is driving me to near suicide.

    I'm so sorry that you've had such a bad time.

    Unfortunately if this is June of your final year then you have most likely reached the official end date of your degree (which is when your course finishes, not when you officially graduate) and the SLC's repayment requirements will have kicked in correctly. Also, if you leave before the end of your course, your leaving date will be taken as the end date of your course. You mentioned that you're unemployed and moving to Germany, so I'm guessing that one of those must apply to you. Sadly, either one will constitute the end of your course and will trigger the SLC repayment terms.

    You should be able to negotiate a very low repayment if you will have little or no income. £10 a month might be a good starting point for your August discussion. Please don't feel so bad - many people under ordinary circumstances don't ever repay student loans - I'm not going to pay mine off before the date it's due to be wiped out, unless I win the lottery. If you can negotiate a regular overpayment sum which is very low, it needn't affect your finances badly in the long term.
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Updated: June 11, 2016
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