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Why do Brexiters oppose scottish independence

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    It is not in the nature of evil to see its own hypocrisy, it is not within the disposition of tyranny to see the arguments of the other side.

    (Original post by intelligent con)
    Surely its a bit hypocritical to completely ignore and dismiss economic arguments from well respected institutes and base your entire argument on "freedom" while hating on the SNP for doing the same thing in 2014. Why do you Brexiters seem to as a whole hate the SNP when Britain is the scotland of Europe? Is it because racism undermines logic?
    Scotland has been part of us and has been for many years, we are not seperated by borders and it makes sense to govern it as a United Kingdom. We do not send £250 million quid a week to Scotland, and because they are part of us along with wales they get pretty much the same as we do- they may have different variations of legislation but they are comparable with English law. Also the Scottish contribute to society by getting off there rear-ends getting a job and paying there taxes unlike many many asian Immigrants who come to the UK. Scottish , Welsh and NI do not want mass migration to England as all 3 have a minimum wage. I'll admit i want Scotland to stay part of us but I want us to pull out of the EU, we may lose a lot of trade (43%) but then the EU will collapse and we can set up a new deal- the reason i say the EU will collapse is because as it branches out, expands and gains more power it will be the southern European countries the likes of Lithuania, Romania .etc move out to find better lives they will lose the ability to pay their tarrifs- Us and Germany pay the shortfall in a lot of countries EU budgets If us, Italy and France was to leave the EU would implode and all countries will be free to set up their own tailored trade deals. The truth is the EU is a doomed project, the performance of economies such as Germany- who are very similar to Japan on the high export model, it will be difficult for poorer countries with in the EU because the currency is watered down by the poorer countries such as greece who are bankrupt ( they will water down the value of the EU) is too much of a complexed argument but if us and Germany was not there who would pay the shortfall in tariffs. Also before getting into the argument of racism- being opposed to mass immigration with an open door to 508 million people is not racist, it has not directly or indirectly discriminated against any racial group.

    (Original post by scrotgrot)
    It is a nation of its own, the people there remain genetically distinct from those of England. The UK/GB is really a sterile currency union not unlike the EU. There is no such thing as British ethnicity, British culture etc.
    Like I said many people feel I didn't pretend it was a fact

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    Good point! Leave campaign is not nearly as consistent as Remain. Not just talking about Bojo.
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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