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Edexcel music unofficial mark scheme 2016

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    Here is my attempt at an unofficial mark scheme, I'm not sure that any of these are right but just let me know and we can fill it in completely.

    Section 1 - Mozart:

    What family of instruments
    What subject is played
    first subject
    What are the features of development
    Explores a variety of keys, changes the themes from exposition etc...#
    Describe the part played by the bassoon and cellos
    Not sure on this one but something like fast rhythms and scalic

    Section 1 - Chopin

    Degree of the scale
    dominant or 5th
    Tempo at the end
    Slower as well as rubato still
    First melody
    Tune in right hand
    Pedal in left hand
    Ornamentation used
    Section of music
    Repetition of A into Coda

    Section 2 - Schoenberg

    Which instrument begins
    French horn
    Not sure on this one as there were instruments in the background but I think it is homophobic as they seemed to be following the same pattern.
    Two instruments with the tune
    Trumpet and viola
    Flute thing
    option A
    Tempo change
    Starts slower and gets quicker to the middle and slows down again

    Section 2 - Electric counterpoint

    Live performance part
    Resultant melody
    Bass guitars
    2, playing a two bar riff
    True - Does go through lots of time signatures
    False - Not change tempo
    False - not stay in same key
    true - cant remember what it is
    Thinner and bass guitars drop out

    Section 3 - Miles davis

    Section where trumpet comes in and the start of extrace
    Dont know
    Two instruments
    alto and tenor sax
    Bass question
    plucked and riff
    Chords used
    12 bar blues and altered chords/ sharp 9 chords

    Section 3 - Grace

    Write in the notes
    Starts on F and goes down the scale
    Describe the vocal part
    Male - tenor
    Melismatic in some points
    Glissandos used
    Musical reasons
    I said i like the strong drum beat
    I like the dissonant harmony

    Section 4 - Yiri

    Describe the vocal part
    Balafon plays
    Talking drum
    Two sides
    different areas of drum are hit
    cross rhythms

    Section 4 - Rag desh (fml)

    Vocal thing
    Devotional / relaxed / somber
    No metre
    Rhythmic thing
    Tal / Tala

    Great effort.
    Just be careful with the homophoNic texture - easily mistyped/mispronounced.
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Updated: June 10, 2016
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