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English or Maths A Level

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    I had just finished my Maths and English ( Both lang and lit) exams, and I feel as if I didn't achieve the B grade in my English Language exam which i was aiming for, which has damaged my confidence to do well in English Language and Literature A-level which i picked to do in September, as i have always struggled to get higher than a C in both English subjects. I also feel that I have done really well in Maths i am entirely certain that i got a B grade in non calc and maybe perhaps an A in the calc paper, this is something which I have always known i can do, unlike getting B in English.

    So my question is, should I change English Language and Literature to Maths? It's just that I think I will find Maths very hard and not do very well in it.

    My best advice would be to ask your maths teacher, as they will have a much better idea than anybody on here about how well suited you would be to A level Maths.

    You should only take maths if you actually enjoy, not just because you think your good at it

    Without knowing you I'd have to say Maths. Universities would probrably be inclined to give a person with and A or A* in A level Maths a place rather than in English (Depending on the course of course(see what I did there? xD)) Maths also has a wider application than English. You can practically apply anything to Maths, English on the other hand... Not to mention Maths is solid facts and the answers are way more definitive than English, where you have to infer.

    I think it's also good to find out what plays/books you'll be studying beforehand as that can be a vital deciding factor. For maths it does involve hard work, but if you can handle it then go for it

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    thanks everyone,

    Is the only reason you didn't chose Maths in the first place because you though it would be to hard, or is it because you planned to do something at uni or career wise that involved English?

    If its because you thought maths would be too hard, I don't think that should be your reason if you can do it at GCSE, my maths teacher always said that for A Level maths, you needed at the very least a high B, which by the looks of it you have, you may even get an A, but I would suggest talking to your maths teacher.

    If you are feeling that English will be hard to preform in at A Level, talk to your English teacher too, it may be only a 5 minute conversation, but their input will really help your decision.

    I think you have up to results day to change your subject or the first or second week of college so do your research, check with your college, and if you have till then, maybe have a look at some A Level maths or English text books over the summer if you can and see how you find them and it will be easier then to make a decision.

    Finally, I didn't do A level English so I can't help they're, but I did Maths, I would say that its easier in the fact that you don't have to learn a load of different topics, its usually 6 topics per exam that are usually linked in some way, they are difficult to get your head around at first, but by working at it, it gets a lot easier, excluding S1 and vectors as I didn't like them so much.
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