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What do you believe bullying is?

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    Bullying is a term which gets thrown around a lot nowadays and it seems to be the cool thing to be bullied, even people who were clearly never bullied and often the ones doing the bullying seem to claim to have been victims of it. Loads of people seem to think getting called a name once equals being bullied throughout their school years.

    In my view bullying is the consistent harrasment of one particular person or group either by physical assault or by spreading rumours and inciting hatred against them (as shown in the adult world by UKIP). What do you believe actually seperates being bullied from teasing or banter?

    Bullying can take sly forms, it's not always the obvious kicking and punching and because of that, the bullies wouldn't say they're bullying
    e.g. 'fake friends' can deliberately exclude you from activities and make it obvious they don't like you, but still pretend to be your friend anyway
    Taking advantage of that awkward kid's vulnerabilities.
    Always making sly comments to that person.
    I don't think necessarily hatred, but more taking advantage of someone in a hostile way
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Updated: June 10, 2016
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