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    A few years ago i was very foolish and made a complete mess. I was entangled in a web with this guy three years older than me whilst i was only 13-14, and at the time i was in a really conservative friendship group and they completely overreacted to what i expected when i told them everything and it created tgis big dramatic situation which i never wanted. They assumed (i never acrually told them directly) that i lost my v too soon and apread the news around the whole group. I had only told my close friend in confidence. But she told everyone in the group.
    Anyway, two years later i am not associated with that group at all. I havr been good mates with this other girl for sometime and she knows i am hiding something but ... this is something i have not said - i am still with the guy. We really do love each other and will have been together for four years in august. She has no idea who he is. I have told her i am in a relationship but she doesnt believe me as ive not privided her with any evidence of his existence. I dont have a problem with keeping how young i was. How quick things happenrd etc private but she keeps digging for details which i do not want to give and accuses me og trusting that first girl more than her, which is not true as it is another situation. I cang really fit four years of information into one conversation. Amd it would jusg highlight the length of time i have kept it secret, making her distrust me further!? What should i do???
    I peraonally think i have a right to privacy? She keeps trying to set me up with blokes who are 1/10 !!??

    You do have a right to privacy, so don't have to tell her if you don't want to. If you do and are worried she'll lose trust in you, you should explain the whole situation to her, and she'll probably understand.

    It's probably going to be best to tell her or she will just keep trying to set u up with people and asking about it. However, as u say u have a right to privacy so if u really don't want to and don't mind the questions u don't have to tell.
    If she's really a friend she won't mind the truth.. Hope it goes well for you ☺️
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