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What do to when you feel lonely

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    I have literally no friends and I have no idea what to do I feel so sad please someone tell me what do to 😭😭😭😭😭

    Do you want me to pm you?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Do you want me to pm you?
    I need advices on what to do on my own thanks

    (Original post by Lolas)
    I need advices on what to do on my own thanks
    Surf youtube, with caution.
    Or...better still...leave the house? Go explore. The world is waiting for you, my boy!

    I call parents and they always make we laugh and feel much better.

    (Original post by Lolas)
    I have literally no friends and I have no idea what to do I feel so sad please someone tell me what do to 😭😭😭😭😭
    What i love doing is watching all the free internet films so go to these websites:





    Netflix but that one costs £6 a month


    Watch all these films on those first 3 websites:

    Whiplash ( about a man who plays drums and gets bullied by the teacher at a music school, its brilliant. My favourite film )

    Project X (about a party that goes wrong when its advertised on internet and 2,000 people turn up )

    A girl like her ( about a girl who is bullied at school but she wears a hidden camera everyday to record the bullying )

    The Hateful eight ( about outlaws, it was brilliant and makes me laugh everytime i watch it )

    And watch mini series called:

    Bates Motel

    Z Nation

    Flesh and Bone

    The Flash


    Ash vs Evil dead

    If i remember anymore films ill add it on but the films about being bullied are not depressing just interesting and would help anyone who might ever experience it. This will give them ideas of what to do if it does happen like secretly recording it and standing up for themselves.
    Watch films, music videos, funny clips of people arguing, type anything you want on you tube and it will show videos of it. e.g i bought Sharon fruit and Pomelo melon but had no idea what it was and my friend told me to type the names of it on you tube and videos of how to peel it properly appeared. Also i can type any song or singer or old tv shows like Top of the pops and videos will appear. Or watch old or recent Eurovision song contest shows.
    Or if you wanted o find out about any illness and how to deal with it just type the name of it on you tube.
    But watching all the fights on it and scare pranks are hillarious. I can get carried away watching them all day and never get bored.
    Buy books in the pound shop like autobiographies, cds's, sweets, chocolates, crisps, popcorn, takeaways, etc

    Watch Big Brother on channel 5 and Love Island on itv2 at 9pm every day or the repeat of love island at 7pm or all the reality shows like The real housewives of Atlanta, Mob wives, Marriage bootcamp reality stars, Orange county and Cheshire housewives, Millionaire matchmaker all on itvb ch26.
    Made in Chelsea 9pm E4 channel 28
    Their all highly entertaining.
    You will have to check your tv guide for what times their on. I never get bored watching films, mini series and reality tv shows.
    One friend i never see but only in contact with by text hates all the reality shows and never watches them but they are funny to watch especially when people are always arguing on it so she doesnt know what shes missing and i have no one to discuss it with so i have to do everything on my own too. But you can still enjoy doing or watching things on your own too but sometimes it would still be nice to have friends to do things with.
    So if your 18 or over you can join a friendship group to make new friends called

    (Original post by Lolas)
    I have literally no friends and I have no idea what to do I feel so sad please someone tell me what do to 😭😭😭😭😭
    I feel really lonely sometimes too! But don't worry, I always get reassured when I am around family. Family are a huge part of your life, focus on trying to build good relationships with your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins etc.
    The second thing that I would say is to stop focusing on other peoples lives, what they are doing, if they are going to a party etc. I know it might be hard but put down your phone and stop scrolling down Instagram or Facebook and get jealous of other people and what they are doing. I know this is a big factor of making me feel lonely, I feel real envy when I see girls post photos of them and all their friends going out for a meal or something and seeing them have fun when I don't have a lot of friends to do that with.
    I also find that keeping myself busy is the best thing to do, not going out everyday but I mean like reading a book so your mind doesn't wonder about feeling lonely or sad, watch your favourite tv show or do something you enjoy!
    Hope this helps!
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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