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Popular YouTube star Christina Grimmie Murdered Shot and Killed After Concert

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    In any confrontation both parties fight or flight reflexes are triggered. Now if both parties are unarmed or only have weapons which aren't guns, it very likely that they will choose fight. Now if one of them has a gun then, the other party is much more likely to choose flight, and so the confrontation can be de-escalated. If they are so angry that they are willing to fight someone with a gun, then one of them is going to die anyway.

    (Original post by Listers)
    Pretty sure you do not know what a straw man is because my previous statement wasn't. And are you really to thick to realise that members of what you called organised crime involves sweaty angry disillusioned teenagers to do the dirty work the top members won't?

    Did you even read what you wrote before posting it?
    I think the "straw man" was due to you talking about criminals still being able to obtain guns, whereas he was talking about the general public. As such you stating that (organised) criminals would still get access to guns does not actually refute his point about the ease of access for the majority of citizens in the country.

    Hopefully the person with the original assertions will correct me if I am wrong.

    Why are gun laws being discussed here? She could have been stabbed or poisoned or killed in a number of different ways. It is mental instability that is the problem here and that's what America needs to solve, not gun laws. The fact is that even if gun laws were passed most of the guns that exist will still exist and it will just prevent ordinary people from being able to arm and defend themselves while criminals will still keep their guns.

    RIP Christina. Taken away at such a young age with so much talent for no reason at all.

    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    He used the guns to kill her, nothing else, are you saying they should keep the gun laws? Without the free control of guns, it wouldn't have been easy for him to commit the crime.
    Could have just stabbed her

    (Original post by M14B)
    It would be very bad news as I am a very big Trump fan
    No surprise coming from the Chinese guy who scoffs at multiculturalism.
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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