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English language

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    is there a mark scheme for this exam
    Q1. ?
    Q2. ?
    Q3. how has the writer used language to creat a picture of this world?
    Q4. what are your impression of how time has passed?
    Q5. is competition good or bad in sport?
    Q6. describe river scene?

    No mark scheme, I can give you some answers you could have put though for the comprehension. The essay section won't have a unique mark scheme, just the same one as it is every year.

    Q: Explain the feelings of the author about ice skating? [6]
    Possible Answers:
    Joyous - lots of words to do with happiness
    Exhilirating/excited - word exhilirating repeated twice
    Childish joy - everyone can become young again - reader infers that he likes the fact that everyone relives their youth
    Likes the fact that it brings people together/community feel - inference that social interactions are equivalent with happiness for author
    Divine - He describes it as perfect, paradise and divine, making it seem beautiful and elegant, once again showing how he loves it.
    Freedom - being able to fly like a bird - he feels free and released on ice - enjoyable
    *This question sould have mostly been focused on what it was that he enjoyed, backed up with some evidence and explained. You will also need to show that you INFERRED facts, didn't just read it on a surface level.*

    Q: What dangers, difficulties and rewards of ice skating does the author present? [5]
    Possible Answers:
    Dangers - cracking of the ice/bending of the ice/getting on the ice too early/rocks/broken skates
    Difficulties - Skating is hard - falling head over heels/dodging people/balance/jealousy of good skaters/constant failure
    Reward - Being able to skate afer pereverance/being able to watch the landscape/being able to see others and feel superior as they are falling too - empathising with these people and therefore feeling all the better for having escaped failure/freedom
    *This question sould have mostly been focused on what the dangers/difficulties/reards were, backed up with some evidence and explained. You will also need to show that you INFERRED facts, didn't just read it on a surface level.*

    Q: How does the author create a winter scene in these lines? [8]
    Possible Answers:
    Frost - used many times in the passage, emphasising cold
    Sugar - again used many times, emphasising sweet/childish exciting nature
    "Like writing on a blackboard" - a relation to childhood - and thus freedom/excitement
    Lots of words to do with coating - showing that all it looks like is the normal landscape with a paint job, but it looks magnificent - therefore comparison between winter and normal
    Sparkly/glitter - it is beautiful
    Danger of the jagged cream line/ominous river and its power lurking beneath its pretty exterior
    *This question mostly required linguistic analysis and wil reward anything linguisticaly analytical*

    Q: What impressions are given of time passed? [6]
    Possible Answers:
    Memories should be enjoyed, relived and recounted
    This was over a period of time of skating - best memories have merged, so time passed seems better than it was
    The use of the future switching to the present and finally switching to the past in this passage shows the time passed.
    The present tense shows vivid recounting of the memory, showing how time passed is special and valuable
    Time flows quickly in childhood, like this
    *This question was VERY VERY vague and so what is above is simply what I and a few others wrote. Pretty much any valid interpretation of the question and answers will be credited. Inferrences, evidence nd explanation are necessary*

    Obviously these are only possible answers, there is no way I could give every single one.
    P.s Question 7 was "Write a story in which teh weather plays an important role."
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Updated: June 11, 2016
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