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Brexit, what next?

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    In the event there is a Brexit, what happens next?

    Does Cameron resign, if so who takes over?

    Will lots of firms leave or would they get incentives to stay on?

    Would the EU by friendly and supportive or will it be austere and start talking about trade restrictions and repatriating British residents?

    We take years trying to secure lots of trade deals whilst our economy tumbles. We lose worker rights.

    Cameron resigns and Boris 'the Buffoon' Johnson takes power eventually with his ultra right wing stance - and no, none of the '£350M' will go to the NHS.

    Lots of firms will move on after desperate attempts to keep them.

    I can't say the EU will be very pleased, who would be after you just ditched them? Sure we'll start making a trade deal whilst accepting pretty much every law Brexit didn't want - including free movement and probably the Schengen Agreement.

    Things will get better inshallah
    We will have freedom.

    London's financial services industry, one of our biggest exports, is in trouble.

    I think that we'll negotiate a deal similar to what Norway, Iceland, etc, have. We may just end up joining the EEA.

    I think the Government will fight to keep us in the common market. That'd include freedom of movement.

    I don't think the Leave camp will lead exit negotiations. This arrogant dream of 'A better deal' will fall flat pretty quickly.

    Cameron, unfortunately, will have to resign. Tory frontrunners will then compete for the leadership based on their vision for the UK outside of the EU.

    I hope it's not too rushed.
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Updated: June 11, 2016
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